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The Canary Islands Water Center Foundation (FCCA) is an independent, nonprofit organization, whose objective is the research and development of innovative products for water treatment. It was founded on December 14, 1998 by the Water Directorate of the Canary Islands, Water Island Councils of the seven islands and a number of private companies with interests in the water sector in the Canaries.

FCCA conducts and promotes the work of R&D independently and in combination with public and private companies. Our success depends on our ability to develop and introduce innovative products that are niche in the national and international market.

Our comercial brand is DrinTec™.

The FCCA conducts applied research mainly in the following areas:

Equipment for desalinated water remineralization
Filter floor design and drainages
Optimizing control of reverse osmosis plants
Treatment of hard water, rich in silica.
Improving the quality of the desalinated water
The FCCA also carries publications and organizes events to spread science and knowledge of the water.

His work complements research by universities and other public and private institutions, covering areas of Research and Development that are not covered because of budget or other reasons.

Figure Legal and Organization

The FCCA is a non-profit private nature legal form of foundation. Its highest body is the Board directors. Its members are leading figures in the public sector, private industry and commerce.

The FCCA also has a governing board that oversees the work of the Management team.

Staff and Infrastructure

The FCCA currently has a staff of 4 engineers. Certain projects are supported by external partners, some of them belonging to the Universities. Tests and experiments are often done on the premises of businesses and partner agencies of the Foundation. The FCCA has pilot plants of various kinds and an industrial unit for R&D projects.


The budget for 2013 for the FCCA amounts to the sum of 500.00€. This budget is estimated to be the same for the next 3 years.

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